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Latest News

Seraph Review

By Ryan Christopher 16th October 2016 at 21:14

Described as a "skill-based, acrobatic shooter", Seraph is a 2D side scroller in which the player aka you are NOT in charge of the shooting. Sounds a bit strange but bear with me. The game auto shoots for itself with continuous auto-aiming, what the player does is simple…tries not to die. You are completely focused on evading damage and survival (which sounds harder than it is) and the game consistently gets harder and more challenging demonstrated by an upwards ticking difficulty meter in the bottom left of the screen. A nice feature and one that adapts to your skill level... continue reading

Is Resident Evil VII Going To Be A Prequel?

By Rob Farmer 13th October 2016 at 20:36

So, with the dust from EGX settled, it’s time for me to offer my thoughts on a few things that caught my eye. One of those, is the very much talked about Resident Evil VII, which is a game I got to demo and it was the VR version of said game.

What we know so far is: The next instalment in the franchise won’t be a reboot, it will have zombies - as most people feared it wouldn’t, it will be a first person game, unlike it’s predecessors, which were all third person (more on that later). There will also... continue reading

Titanfall 2 is the blockbuster FPS we deserve

By Matt Wilson 12th October 2016 at 21:36

It’s fair to say, the original Titanfall promised more than it could deliver. With an overly exaggerated hype train promoting the game beyond what it could realistically achieve, many fans were left disappointed.  

Titanfall 2 now arrives with significantly less pressure, the marketing bods seem to have given the franchise a little breathing space, and this has allowed the game to almost swoop under the radar. With the chains of exclusivity broken, a whole host of fans are set to take to the world of Titanfall for the very first time, and based on the EGX preview, they’re in for... continue reading