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Super Dungeon Bros Review

By Simon Hodgkiss-Rogers 15th November 2016 at 15:53

Are you a fan of old-skool dungeon crawlers? Do you like cheesy 80's rock-style humour, and music? Are you attracted to bright colours?

If you answered 'Dude? Totally!!' to any of the above questions, then you NEED to play Super Dungeon  Bros!

I'd looked at a couple of trailers for this game, and thought 'Hey! That looks like a fun game!' Upon playing....well, I found it was kinda fun, AND REALLLLLY  intense! 

Most dungeons-crawlers of today are pretty simple escapades. Kill a few minions... tackle a boss...next level. Super Dungeon Bros. Makes you bring friends, or WORK FOR IT!!! Bring friends?

I started my first campaign, and was greeted by a cute little cutscene accompanied with nice happy colours, all thrown together with a little humour that would have fit perfectly in a Wayne's World sequel. The first level  loaded with an isometric view of the landscape and my character. I just happily and curiously pushed along. A few easy kills later, and I'm getting in the groove - so to speak.

It's not a very fast-paced game, I've got to be honest. Playing solo, I noticed that there were a few areas where I was just walking around. No enemies to see at all. Pockets of evil-looking creatures pop-up, I quickly slay them. Pah! This is nothing! There's the standard puzzles thrown at me. Dodge this, Hit this, etc, etc. Level completed. Oh!



Starting the next level....Same story. I was feeling a little disappointed to be honest. The puzzles and mazes ramped up slightly, a couple of new enemies here and there. I still hadn't had any real challenge, and I'd found a weird little shop along my path, from which to buy an extra-life, or refill my health. Again though, there's a number of areas to traverse where there's no action or puzzle....not even a secret track to take for a hidden collectible. Combat mechanics are fun, with heavy and light swings, and the ability to pick up some environmental items to hurl at the enemies, aiming their trajectory with the right-analogue stick, but again, no real challenge. I began to feel really disappointed.

With the sudden arrival of a rather large mini-boss, I let out a shriek that I'm pretty sure I'd heard in one of those nature shows that are presented by that rich, old dude. I mean... I'm pretty sure this game actually wanted me dead. Not my character in game. ME! Like, me personally!

I just scraped through the epic battle, and jumped through the portal to the next world with only the tiniest snippet of health remaining. 

I'm not sure how the levels are planned out in this game....but there were mini-bosses everywhere in the next one. Enemies, bosses, traps, and more enemies. Aaaaand, I'm dead. Wow. Reload...... nothing is the same. The levels are randomly generated. You can't prepare for them, and there's no continues. Ouch!I try another run through and, whilst the levels may all be different, the outcome is not. Plenty of areas with nothing happening. Suddenly, loads of areas with everything going on. Aaaaand.... I'm dead. Another go. Another go. Another go....

So, the co-op is fun! 

This game is definitely geared to be a co-op experience. Levels are traversed much more quickly. The areas of tedium that are found in solo-play....gone, as you find banter with friends. The high-contrasts and bright colours simply add to a childlike-joy found within the levels. Bosses are no longer an issue, and are wiped out almost instantly. If anything, it gets a little TOO easy, when in co-operative play. 

That's kind of the games downfall for me. It was either too frustrating to play solo, as there's no continue system; death is death. Or, it's way too easy, and you breeze through areas quickly, with no challenge. Your attacks are simple, and you only need to spam the heavy attack to do everything. Levelling up didn't do much at all, and I often saved up points just for the sake of it. Bosses are quickly taken down, due to limited mechanics. Plus, everything is loud.

I finished my game with my group of buddies, and started a new one, immediately.  


Super Dungeon Bros. is nowhere near getting everything right. There's plenty of moments of frustration, whether playing as a team, or on your own. Yet it's constantly fun. It has that kind of charming annoyance that makes you say 'one more game', about sixty times per day. Levelling is something that doesn't ever feel like it matters, but it certainly helps. If you've got the coins to spend on that next power-up...GREAT!!! If you haven't, you're still going to get through the next level with your friends, and have a brilliant time doing it. 

Graphically, it's quite nice, but doesn't concentrate on that to sell itself. Gameplay, very fun, if not somewhat annoying at times. Longevity....it's a fun few hours, however you choose to play. Re-playability…..insane amounts. No two games are ever the same, from what I played. That's a definite bonus! It's a fun game, with plenty of re-playability, but it does have a novelty value which can soon wear off. It's definitely worth a play, especially for fans of games from the Sega/Nintendo era, but don't expect it to be life-changing. Enjoy it for what it is, then play something else, until you're in THAT mood, again. Whilst fun and engaging for the most part, single-player is too frustrating, and a lack of enemies in large areas spoils what could be a great game.

6.5/10 Average
  • Brilliant co-op fun
  • High replay value
  • Nice levelling system
  • Good humour
  • Decent length
  • Not much fun in single-player
  • High frustration-factor
  • Some bland areas
  • Can be repetitive on some levels
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