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Fallout 4 Review

By Rob Farmer 8th November 2015 at 20:45

Fallout 4 review - on PlayStation 4

"My Fallout and Fall-in love experience" 

So for me, playing Fallout 4 is a first time experience and what rollercoaster experience it has been so far.

Now, it has to be said that roleplaying games wouldn't be my first choice of game. After recently completing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and for the fist time in it’s franchise; I wasn't interested in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, so I thought I’d opt for Fallout 4. What also swayed me towards Fallout 4, was knowing I wouldn't of needed to of played any of it’s predecessors. Unfortunately, we tried contacting Bethesda on a number of occasions, over a two month period, to request a review copy - we are still yet to hear from them.

I can’t start this review without the mention of what happens from the second you start up the game and what you get in return from the installation screen. You are presented with an ingenious guidance video, taking you through your perk chart and the relevance of each perk. As I have never played a Fallout before, I found this a really good heads up on what’s what. Massive kudos points to Bethesda for that little cool addition; it was actually the first time I've not made a cup of tea, during a game installation.

So, to start, Fallout 4 first takes you through your character design. Once you have spent the best part of an hour virtually sculpting a character that looks nothing like yourself, the story gets underway. I found when the action gets started, Bethesda have done well (for new comers) by subtly getting you used to how your controls work and how to get around.


During the first few hours of gameplay, I did take my time (unintentionally) getting used to the more advanced controls. As well as getting used to the controls, it also took some time getting used to controlling the Pip-Boy and viewing the clustered map. But after sometime, all this does become a second nature. It’s also noticeable whilst roaming around the wasteland that you can choose to explore in first person, or third person mode. I found myself in third person, whilst I was outside and in first person, whilst I was in buildings and in combat. If you have haven't tried tackling the game this way - I would suggest giving it a try, as it was suggested to myself and have really adapted to this method.

A new feature in Fallout 4, is the building of your settlement/s. At first and being very inexperienced with the game, I found this an interesting feature but at the same time - very frustrating. I just couldn't build what was needed and couldn't see the point. As the game went on and my skill set became stronger, the whole settlement building became less of a chore and more of a accomplishment. 

It’s refreshing to see a game non reliant on multi-player features; having enough content to keep you busy, without you wanting some online action of some sort. As a matter of fact, it hasn't even crossed my mind

In parts Fallout 4 looks wonderful; as you lookout over the wasteland and take in your derelict surroundings. But that’s as far as it goes when it comes to Fallout’s visuals. It goes without saying, previous Bethesda’s games are notoriously crippled with bugs and Fallout 4 is no different. On my travels, there are many bugs I came across such as: Dog Meat (your companion) walking through solid objects and constantly walking on the spot, animals launching themselves in the air and dead bodies dropping through solid floors.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4
Fallout 4
Fallout 4
Fallout 4
Fallout 4

When it comes to the cut scenes; these I'm afraid, are also nothing to shout about. The games characters are very basic and lack…..character. The dialogue also fails to have any flow, with lengthy pausing between each characters lines. This also can play a major problem when you're asked questions, that the story direction relies on. You are asked a question; which you answer and the pausing can take that long, you are led to believe you haven't pressed an answer and end up pressing it again, resulting in your next question being answered super quick and you end up missing some of the dialogue.


Fallout is quite simply one of the best games I've played on the new generation of consoles. It has superb, immersive depth, with nearly every object in the post-apocalyptic wasteland being intractable, with great original RPG action. Thinking ahead into the next couple of years and Virtual Reality, on our doorsteps, you can only imagine how amazing it would be; getting immersed into Vault 111 and the wasteland above. Now here is the BIG BUT. You hear a lot of gamers and critics saying Bethesda in-game glitches are forgivable because of the games depth and playability. Personally for me this isn't forgivable, and there should be no excuses in todays gaming world and many gamers alike will crave the glitchy fixes from Bethesda. That alone halts Fallout 4 from being the Picasso, it so deserves to be.


9/10 Amazing
  • A huge immersive world, with tons of locations
  • The main story
  • The side quests
  • The depth of the crafting
  • The choice of first and third person mode
  • Great characters
  • Perks
  • Installation start-up video
  • Unforgivable glitches and bugs
  • Stop-Start dialogue
  • Clustered map
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